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2015 Ecolicious

Invert “Blast”

The recipe for the Blast is simple, ultralite Ecolicious construction mixed with a fast and nimble design. Its’ domed, mid-volume bow sheds water quickly when punching through waves; and with fun stern traction and a hard chined, rockered tail, it is easy to maneuver and stern turn. All this combined with reinforced rails and displacement hull design, makes this SUP a perfect choice for the serious racer or casual day treker. Custom colors availbale upon request.
Invert “Crush”
looking for a board that excels in all kinds of environments? The Crush is a versatile performance oriented design. Kevlar reinforced rails, bow and deck rigging, and ultra lite Ecolicious construction make the Crush one of the lightest and most versatile shapes on the market. A great choice for the paddler looking for all around performance in a wide spectrum of environments from surf to flat water. Even great for Yoga. Ask us about custom Ecolicious color options.
Invert “Fungun”

If big fast waves are your flavor, the Fungun is gonna taste real good! Fast and agile on the wave, the board packs ultralite Ecolicious construction, with a unique fun gun shape. This versatile design offers a wide spectrum of performance on all kinds of waves. Pack some heat with the Fungun.Ecolicious color schemes are available upon request.
Invert “Bomb”

Inspired by Bob Simmons designs of the 1940’s and 50’s, the Bomb utilizes classic Simmons inspired planning hull design in a SUP size. Achieving a super light weight by combining a 1lb recycled stringerless foam core with reinforced Vector Net glassing makes the Bomb a truly innovative build. Full Belly in the first half to slightly flat at center to deep channel concave through the fins makes for a truly timeless and incredibly fun surf design.Custom Ecolicious color schemes are available upon request.
Invert “Drop”

The Drop is quick, nimble and perfect for those looking for wave riding performance in a shortboard SUP shape. Perfect for the progressive Surfer out to slash, spin, and boost. If you are searching for a top of the line Surf SUP, this is it. Custom sizing and Ecolicious color schemes are available upon request.