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2014 Invert Paddles


Choose the right Invert Paddle for you

Grom Paddle

The Grom is a youth sized paddle with a downsized handle grip and blade shape.  An aluminum adjustable Shaft with fiberglass ferrule for easy and quick adjustability and a fiberglass reinforced Nylon blade makes the paddle both durable and lightweight.

Recon Paddle

An aluminum adjustable shaft with a fiberglass reinforced nylon blade.  The recon is a well built, durable companion with a full sized blade shape for powerful and consistent paddling experience.

Wahine Paddle

A downsized design geared especially for the ladies.  The Wahine features an ergonomic handlegrip sized 20% smaller and a shorter lady sized shaft and Blade shape.  A fiberglass shaft with Fiberglass reinforced Nylon blade make the paddle both light and durable.

Punch Paddle

Looking for a paddle with a punch?  A fiberglass shaft and a fiberglass reinforced nylon blade with a narrower cut, makes this paddle a fast accelerator. The Punch is a durable performer for those looking to go the distance.

Force Paddle

Full fiberglass Shaft and full bodied glass reinforced Nylon Blade make this paddle a great choice for surf, flatwater or whitewater.  When every stroke counts may the force be with you.

Charger Carbon Shaft fixed Paddles

The Charger line of paddles were designed to offer optimum performance with the lightest paddle weights on the market.  The Charger Carbon Blade paddle is just 525g. These paddles are offered with several blade options to fit your specific needs.